About Akateko

From Mayan Languages Glossary

Akateko, is a Mayan language sometimes referred to as the western Q’anjob’al. It is closely related to the Mayan language of Q’anjob’al and it is mainly spoken in Guatemala with some speakers found in areas of Mexico and the US. Other common spelling variants include Acateco and Acatec, with an estimated 65,965 speakers in Guatemala.

Spoken by the Akateko community for generations, this language serves as cultural identity where it honors its people and offers insights into their worldview and traditions, carrying values of those who came before.

The Akateko language faces some challenges such as limited documentation, reduced intergenerational transmission and the dominance of more widely spoken languages. Efforts to preserve and revitalize the Akateko language are crucial for maintaining cultural identity and promoting linguistic diversity.