About Kaqchikel

From Mayan Languages Glossary

The Kaqchikel language is part of the K’iche’an branch of the Mayan language family, and it is related to the K’iche’ and Tz’utujil languages. It is estimated that 1,068,356 people speak Kaqchikel in Guatemala. The Kaqchikel language faced immense pressure of colonization but persisted as a source of resilience. Primarily spoken in towns situated near or within the Guatemalan tourist trail, Kaqchikel speakers have a long history of interaction with Ladinos, academics, and international tourists. Participating in myriad linguistic and cultural organizations locally and internationally, Kaqchikel language speakers have created some of the most integral resources for cultural and preservation and language maintenance that exist among Mayan language communities.

Kaqchiquel community members maintain a connection with their ancestors through language, to continue teaching cosmology and spirituality, history, culture, and traditions to future generations.