About Mam

From Mayan Languages Glossary

The Mam language is member of the Mayan family, with an estimation of 842,252 speakers, it is a treasure of cultural heritage and diversity. Mam is primarily spoken in Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States and is part of the western branch of Mayan languages. At present, there are many native Mam speakers in the Bay Area of California. Maintaining language and traditions through local markets, traditional dress, and festivals with marimba music, Mam is a language that enriches this region of the U.S.

Mam reflects a community with a deep-rooted connection with the natural world, their way of life and heritage. The language Mam celebrates linguistic diversity through mutual intelligibility, and it is known that many organizations work tirelessly to create educational materials and document the language for future generations. These endeavors are not about preserving words but about safeguarding an invaluable knowledge and fostering pride in its culture.